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Podiatric products are available for purchase. Just call us for ordering information.

We carry a full line of durable medical equipment and wound care products.

Prefabricated and Custom Molded Orthotics help preserve the foot's ideal position and prevent further biomechanical deformities. 
  • Powerstep - Full Length
  • Powerstep - Kids
  • Sole (red & black)
Extra Depth Shoes fit orthotics and braces comfortably.
Compression Stockings improve circulation, especially in cases of peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neuropathy. They are available in knee-high and thigh-high lengths for all compression ratings and come in several colors.
CAM walkers and braces stabilize the ankle to promote healing.
Sterile dressings for open wounds.
Medicated dressings for open wounds.
Dr. Jills
  • Moleskin
  • Gel heel cushion
  • U-shaped callus cushions
  • Ball-of-foot gel cushions
  • Sandals - Gel toe spreader
Hammertoe Crest Pads (Small/Medium/Large)
Darco splints

Dr. REMENDYÂ’S nail polish (assorted colors)

Clarus antifungal solution

Amerigel Premium care lotion

Funga Soap

VerruStat liquid wart remover